GigCycle keeps bands organized, so musicians focus on what's important -- being creative.

Attract More Fans

Each GigCycle is pre-loaded with proven steps to make a gig successful. It's like hiring a personal manager to keep you on track for every single gig.
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Stop Wasting Time

It's easy to get lost in the weeds when promoting shows. All of the little "to dos" add up. GigCycle makes you more efficient. It's like a living "to do" list that adjusts dates automatically for each gig. Start for Free

Never “Forget” Promo

GigCycle auto-magically assigns dates to each promo step leading up to the gig. Weekly email reminders then give you that friendly nudge.
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Learn Pro Insider Tips

Whether you're a new band ready to perform your first show or a veteran on the road for years, each GigCycle step includes insider tips to help you get more to the gig.
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Keep Your Team in Synch

It's tough to prepare for gigs all by yourself. With GigCycle teams, assign steps to other band members or manager, then get notified when they get it done.
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Too Busy? We Can Help!

Our experts can complete GigCycle steps for you -- like designing a poster or researching music bloggers where you're playing.
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How It Works

Want More Fans? Launch a GigCycle!

It’s like a real-time “to-do” list for each week leading up to the show. Start by adding the location and date of your gig. Based upon the show date, a custom GigCycle is published with all of the necessary steps to complete leading up to your show.

For each step in the plan, simply tap “DID IT” to mark the step complete, and then move on to the next step. Each step in the GigCycle is assigned a date and organized by week. Follow the GigCycle plan for each show, and your promotion efforts will reach people you would not normally have reached.

Stay Organized for Each Gig

Each GigCycle provides a detailed plan for all of your promotional efforts. Additionally, you can receive an email each week with a list of all steps to complete for that week — for all of your gigs. It’s a great little reminder about what needs to get done. Successful promotion is about doing the right thing at the right time. If you wait until the last minute, the promo efforts will fail. Don’t fail — launch a GigCycle to stay on track!

Quickly Prioritize “Past Due” Steps

One way GigCycle keeps you organized is by adding an indicator to steps that are not marked complete by their due date. This way you can quickly prioritize those steps that should be completed first, helping to ensure your promotion efforts reach as many people as possible.

Can’t Get It Done? Hire a GigCycler to Do It For You

GigCycle’s Do It For Me ™ marketplace gives you one-click access to the top industry pros in your area for each specific type of promotional step. From designing killer posters to flyering around town, GigCycle can get it done for you. Even van rentals and booking hotel rooms becomes a breeze. We got you covered!

What Artists Think of GigCycle

All of my side projects from Cornmeal are powered by GigCycle. It helps everyone in my groups — and our extended team — know what’s already done and what’s left for each gig. It’s a time saver!

For years our band tried to stay organized with shared lists, inconsistent emails, and fractured communication. GigCycle solves all of those problems by keeping all of us in sync in one system for each gig.

I’m a performer in my group Stereo Genius. These days performance is not enough — you have to perform AND promote. GigCycle first taught me the promo tricks, then keeps me on schedule for every gig.