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GigCycle Will Launch on Aug 1, 2014!

We’ve put the line in the sand! GigCycle will be ready to go on August 1, 2014. Band members and managers can begin using the Web app right away. Each subscription comes with a 15 day trial period, and includes email alerts, a full list of GigCycle steps to complete for your first gig managed through the […]

Success… Coming Soon to a Band Near You!

It’s been a whirlwind summer so far at GigCycle, and the excitement is building to the launch of the new GigCycle product in early August. We selected our new GigCycle logo today from a contest on (what a great website for anyone who wants great designs from a lot of people), and it embodies what GigCycle can do for you: keep your gig preparations […]

Tick tock…. GigCycle is Coming!

As a baby of many band discussions, GigCycle has literally been years in the making. We are very excited that a launch day for GigCycle is within our sights. A friendly alpha version of the product is available for select users (Geoff, Patrick, Chris, Marshall, Graham, Kevin… thank you!) who are providing amazing feedback to craft a usable […]