Tick tock…. GigCycle is Coming!

As a baby of many band discussions, GigCycle has literally been years in the making. We are very excited that a launch day for GigCycle is within our sights. A friendly alpha version of the product is available for select users (Geoff, Patrick, Chris, Marshall, Graham, Kevin… thank you!) who are providing amazing feedback to craft a usable version of GigCycle.

On a personal note, members of GigCycle have been playing in bands for decades. Countless cross-country trips in the van and tour bus have resulted in a proven process to draw attendance at shows. GigCycle is the culmination of those dreams — the dreams of creating an easy way for bands to stay organized on who is supposed to to do what, and when is it supposed to get done. If we had GigCycle when we began our musical careers, we would have cut out many hours of work.

For bands just starting out, GigCycle is like hiring an expert manager for free. For bands out there performing for years, GigCycle brings sanity to what can sometimes feel like a chaos of little details.  GigCycle gives subtle reminders for what needs to get done each week, helping to keep bands on track so every show counts.

Let the fun begin soon!

David & Jamie